Wine arrangement

To add the finishing touch to your evening, Palazzo also offers an excellent selection of wines, chosen with perfection in mind by Palazzo’s own sommeliers. You can choose between one of the two arrangements and you will be served a different wine with each course, including an aperitif and a dessert wine. The difference between the two menus is inferred by the name; the ‘Extravaganza’ arrangement consists of more exclusive wines.

Please take a look at our wine arrangements below:

Palazzo wine arrangement: €40,- p.p.*
Extravaganza wine arrangement: €55,- p.p.* 


Sparkling and still water are included In both arrangements and a cup of coffee/tea after the show as well.

Drinks arrangement

If you are not keen on wine, we also have special drinks arrangements, which include beers, soft drinks or house wines. It couldn’t be easier. All of these arrangements mean that you can leave your wallet at home.

Drinks arrangement: €35,- p.p.*

*All the drinks and wine arrangements are valid during the show (3,5 hours). Drinks that are consumed before or after the show in the foyer must be paid for separately. It is possible to pay with cash, debit cards or credit cards.