Robert Kranenborg

Robert Kranenborg was Palazzo's chef during last season. This season Cees Helder will be the new chef at Palazzo Amsterdam.

Robert Kranenborg’s career

Robert learned the hotel and catering life already from childhood on, while he was raised in the hotel restaurant of his parents: Het Posthuis at the Loo in Apeldoorn.  Robert knew already at a very young age that he wanted to work in the kitchen. After secondary school he followed during 10 years practice courses in the Netherlands and France, mostly in restaurants with two – or more – stars. Since 1987 Robert cooks again in the Netherlands, after a period of wanderings in Belgium and France.

He earned one star for Restaurant Corona in The Hague; following on he acquired two stars for the prestigious Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, one for Restaurant Vossius in Amsterdam and one for Le Cirque in Scheveningen.

Throughout the years Robert cooked countless times for royalty, movie stars and worldwide famous artists and captains of industry. He was asked in 2009 to take the responsibility for the culinary accompaniment at the celebrations in the ‘Big Apple' of 400 years of relations between the Netherlands and New York.

You can see Robert daily on television on RTL 5  in the program “Top chef”, that is immensely well looked at. There he directs the search for the best hobby cooks and young culinary professionals.

Robert is elected by culinary Holland during last years regularly as the best chef cuisinier of our country.

Robert Kranenborg’s signature

Robert is passionate of the ingredients, that play the central role in the success of a dinner course.

“I can’t make natural ingredients, I can only glorify them by combining and preparing them in the best way. I love the essential tastes of my ingredients. Exactly those tastes I want to capture in my preparations. And that demands a high level of precision in the execution process. I want to share what I collected as experience and knowledge.”

Crustaceans, wild and sauces are a few of the preferences of Roberts kitchen. The best moments he enjoys always at the dinner table: it is the apotheosis of the preparation, the enjoyment of the symbiosis of taste and atmosphere. And where you might experience this better than in Palazzo’s beautiful ‘mirror’ tent, Salon Victoria?

From 20 October Robert is the first responsible for the culinary part of the evening in Palazzo Amsterdam. He designs an excellent four courses dinner composed only of daily fresh products. In this menu he uses both meat and fish. Besides he composes also a complete vegetarian four courses menu.

Robert Kranenborg on Palazzo

"I had the pleasure to be Palazzo’s guest several times during the first years and I was always very impressed. I considered it therefore as a honour when I was invited to become responsible for the culinary part of Palazzo. It was an enormous challenge for me to prepare for so many guests a perfect meal, that yet gives full credit to the aromas , colours and tastes of all the ingredients. Looking at all the great reactions we've had last season I think we've done a great job." 

Robert Kranenborg was last seasons successor of top cuisinier Herman den Blijker.